Tuesday, March 20, 2012


My favorite tools are the those that easily allow me to easily create movies or slideshow presentations.  I can see using them to create a "How To" video on marching fundamentals.  In fact, I may use my student leadership this summer to actually create the video and have it available for incoming freshmen to view.

I also like the Google Sites application.  I foresee using it in my AP Music Theory class.  I know that there are many websites available on music history, composers, musical instruments, etc., but I think that having the students in the class actually create a website in a collaborative effort would be very interesting and effective.  I specifically would like to have a website on musical instruments (with pictures, sounds, history, etc.) and music history (different periods, music of the period, composers, etc.)

Up to now, I thought of technology in band as being limited to the use of computers for evaluation (e.g. tuning, Smartmusic, etc.) or to help with student self-recording.  I see a lot more ways that I can use technology.  I do have concerns about using a limited number of iPads and stations with a class size of 50+.  I also still have concerns about taking away from rehearsal/practice time to incorporate new types of lessons.  Much of our bands' successes come from developing technique (physical skills).

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  1. Congratulations on completing the 11 Tools course! I don't think anyone would support taking away time from rehearsals/practice time for the sake of technology. I prefer to think of the technology adding to those events by doing things such as record and playback. This could be done individuality or with groups. What do you think?