Saturday, March 17, 2012


For the Google Doc, I chose a to do something simple.  I usually send out an email weekly to the parents and students in band.  This email contains information about upcoming events such as concerts, contests, payments due, etc.  I am going to try using Google Docs to allow the other director to help me create the email that I send.  Hopefully this will cut down on the amount of time that I have to spend creating the email and then sending it to him for proofing.

For the form, I'll make a questionnaire for band officers to fill out and respond to about their impressions of our Band Spring Trip.

We can use the form ability to survey band students on various topics.  I can also use the form to create quizzes for my Music Theory class.  At this point, I'm most excited about using the form to be able to collect information from my students.

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