Saturday, March 17, 2012


I foresee using YouTube the most to show videos or listen to recordings of music.  One thing that I found in addition to one of the pieces that we are performing at UIL is a vocal version which gives a little more insight into the Korean Folk Song that our piece is based on.

Here is a recording of the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra performing Chance's Variations on a Korean Folk Song.

Here is a video of a performance of the folk song that I found on YouTube of
아리랑 (Arirang) - Korean Folk Song
Singer : The Members of Seo-Do Traditional Songs Institute by GOV supports.
Korean National Classical Orchestra. 

Copyright, as presented in the information in the tool, is confusing to me.  I'm still operating under a more restrictive understanding of the law.  The informational website was very interesting and informative.

I can see using Dropbox for recordings that students make.  They can submit them using Dropbox (although we do have the capability to do the same thing using our Charms website that the district Fine Arts office provides for us.

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