Saturday, March 17, 2012


Tool Two was frustrating as well.  It has been awhile since I had looked at the 11 Tools so it took longer to remember how to login and post.
I setup a Diigo account and also used Google Reader.  I found several blogs that looked interesting in Diigo, but was not able to actually subscribe using the Google Reader.  I got an error message that said that it needed to be set up by the Google Administrator.
I went into Google Reader and searched and found some interesting blogs.  I searched using concert band and teaching and found a couple of blogs that I thought sounded interesting.  Upon examination, though, many of them appeared to be more sales oriented.
I chose the option of signing up and following other bloggers, because I think that I will feel very strange about posting on other people's blogs.
I did find a couple of band composer's blogs that I plan on going back and looking at.  There is also the Yellow Board which is more of a bulletin board where band directors can post questions and comments.  I didn't initially see a way to subscribe to a blog or RSS feed, but I plan on going back and looking at it more in depth later.

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  1. After reading this and with your help today, I just wanted to say thank you and for making me see the light in going simple. I truly appreciate you and all of your help.